The Triplet Code are a three-piece band from Amman, formed of Abed on bass, Vivek Ayer on guitar, and Mahmoud Tayyem on drums. Inspired by the great Rock and Roll Trios of the past like Cream, ZZ Top and Rush the band strives to push the boundaries of Rock and Roll with their high energy performances and live improvisations. The music is steeped in psychedelic rock sounds mixed with oriental cool.



Abed has been an active bass player in Amman for many years. He joined the Thrash Metal band TerrorTower in 2010 in which he performed both bass and vocal duties, something he prefers and enjoys doing. He also briefly fronted the Amman based Blues band The Cartel.


Vivek Ayer

Vivek Ayer grew up in Chennai, India and started playing guitar at an early age. After moving to London, he joined a Psychedelic Rock band Tallahassee Jacknives and toured the London Pub circuit before moving to Bangkok and playing in a Rockabilly band. Since moving to Amman in 2017 he has been rocking the local music scene having played with The Cartel and recording with the Dead Sea Sirens. Vivek also composes instrumental guitar music under his solo moniker Sugar Loaf Walker.


Mahmoud Tayyem

Mahmoud Tayyem has been playing drums since he was 15 and is a veteran of the Jordan music scene, playing in numerous bands. He joined the Thrash Metal Band Exile who released their second full-length album Unveiling Insanity in 2018.

Faceless Travellers (2021)